Local Spirit, Tropical Soul. Spectacularly surrounded by pristine natural beauty and world class surf,  Red Frog Bungalows Resort caters to all those with a sense of adventure amidst simple comforts. Bocas Del Toros all inclusive beachfront destination.

The Resort

Red Frog Bungalows Resort is  by power from the sun, water from the sky and passion from the heart.  We quietly enjoy life from our tropical paradise. Thoughtfully designed, our laid-back spaces inspire good times and memories to last more than a lifetime. We take a conscious approach in everything we do, supporting sustainability and our local communities. Our restaurants source seasonal ingredients from local farmers and fisherman.  Combined with excellent food and service all your tropical island wants and needs will be fulfilled. Red Frog Bungalows Resort is an owner-operated company that has constantly grown its business through exceptional customer service. We have our own fleet of boats and the most experienced surf guides in Bocas Del Toro. Our friendly staff would love to show you the empty white sand beaches, unspoiled coral reefs, and uncrowded waves of this Caribbean paradise. We can’t wait to explore this amazing place on the planet with you.


We are located on Red Frog Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Panama and truly a jewel in the Caribbean. Crystal clear water, white sandy beach and lush green jungle makes this one of the most sought after beach locations in Panama. Nachyo Mommas is our ever intimate beachfront taco bar and restaurant serving Caribbean cuisine, fresh fruit smoothies, and natural squeezed fruit cocktails. Proudly boasting the freshest seafood in Bocas and the best tacos in Panama, Nachyo Mommas is beachfront on Red Frog Beach.  The daily routine is to surf perfect waves, dine on the beach, and relax under one of our many beach palapas.


Casa del Mar
3 Bedroom House on Red Frog Beach

The Frog House is our newest beach-front home and is located only steps from Red Frog Beach. There is no better location in all of Bocas Del Toro. This is the only home on Red Frog Beach and has an amazing view of the Caribbean Ocean. The property is lined with Coconut Palms, beautifully landscaped with tropical plants and perfectly situated on the beach.

The Frog House consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, family room and patio. All of the rooms have queen-sized beds, strong fans for comfortable sleeping and the home is wired with WIFI.


The Bungalows

Comfort and Tranquility Steps Away from Red Frog Beach Red Frog Beach Bungalows are Bocas Del Toro's most sought after accommodations. They were constructed in Bali, Indonesia and sent to Panama. We then imported them to Red Frog Beach and reconstructed the bungalows modifying them to be the most comfortable and relaxing place to stay in Bocas del toro.
The bungalows are spacious 2 story homes with a third floor loft and a private outdoor shower. There are 6 orthopedic beds per bungalow and the entire unit is solar powered. We have individual fans for each bed to keep things cool at night.


The Cabina
A Luxury Cabin the Tropical Forest of Panama

The Cabina is a 16' x 14' spacious accommodation that is perched 5 feet off the jungle floor. There is a wrap around deck decorated with the most comfortable hand crafted patio furniture from Indonesia and a hammock to relax day or night. For additional protection from the elements, the cabinasits underneath a natural thatch roof made by local Ngobe Bugle Indians.


Nachyo Mommas Restaurant

Opening directly onto the white sand beach of Red Frog, with the soundtrack of the waves rolling in, Nachyo Mommas is for guests to share eats and drinks, relax and swim. With our ever intimate beachfront location and Caribbean Sea views, you are set for all day lounging. We source seasonal ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, proudly boast the freshest seafood in Bocas Del Toro and the serve up best tacos in Panama. Let the stress drip away by dipping your toes in the tropical sea, feeling the warm sand in between your toes, and soak up natural energy of Panamas Caribbean Coast.


Imagine the surprise of the indigenous Panamanian Ngabe Bugle when on  October 6th, 1502., Christopher Columbus entered present-day Bocas Del Toro. It is said that he distinguished a large rock on Bastimentos IslandI (still easy to recognize nowadays) that has the form of a bull that is lying down. True to this day, the sound of the immense waves that hit the large volcanic rock sound like roaring bull or a “Bocas Del Toro”.
Adventure, travel, and surfing led Scott Balogh to Panama in 2000. While exploring Panamas Pacific and Caribbean coasts by land and boat, he experienced a magical swell in the northern Caribbean waters of Panama. Surfing one of Bocas Del Toros world class waves, Red Frog Bungalows Resort was born. Since then we  have been focused on preservation, sustainability, and customer service. There is no substitute for integrity and experience in this region and Red Frog Bungalows would love to show you around this amazing place on the planet.