Known as one of the world’s premier surf destinations, our all-inclusive surf resort was founded in 2008. Boasting the most experience in the region, we have guided the best surfers on the planet through the Bocas Del Toro Archipelago. Bocas Del Toro consists of hundreds of small islands and 10-15 world class waves all within 20 minutes in our high speed pangas. We have the most experienced guides in Panama and make a point of surfing the best waves everyday of the season. Our experience, dedication, and commitment allow us to choose waves for you depending on your skillset, wants and needs. Our resume includes accommodating and guiding Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Chippa Wilson, Tom Curren, Filipe Toledo, Nathan Fletcher, Taj Burrow, Mikey Wright, Sunny Garcia, Greg Long, Josh Kerr, Dion Agius, Julian Wilson, CJ and Damien Hobgood.

Guided Surf Excursions

Every morning at daybreak we are checking the conditions to make decisions where to spend our day surfing with you.. After 20 year of drinking coffee on the same beach at the same time, we have this part of the day down to a science. Red Frog Bungalows boasts the most experience in the region and our surf guides know when and where to strike daily. Our daily surf excursion departures depends on tide, wind, swell direction, swell size, your ability as well as your specific wants and needs. These surf services are not open to the public and provided for only guests at the resort. We have a maximum of 10 surfers in the resort at one time and the surf trips last for 4 hours. However, if the waves are good… we want nothing more than to stay on the water most of the day. Our goal is to make sure you are surfed out by the time you leave Red Frog Bungalows Resort. Our guided surf trips are not included in the room rates. The cost is $65.00 per person per day.

Awayco Demo Boards

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The Breaks

Paunch Left & Rights

One of the best waves in the Caribbean. World class right and left. The left is along barrel to rippable sections. The right is a slab like barrel to air section.

Under 4 foot...Paunch is a very friendly high performance wave perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers. Intermediate to advanced ability.


World class beach break. Over a mile of beach with peaks and barrels everywhere you look. Keep your head down and paddle hard. This beachbreak is a heavy as it comes and equally thick as tall. You will get pitched but you might also get the best barrel of your life. Perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers.


World class wave and one of the largest in the Caribbean. This wave breaks over reef and produces some massive surf. If you are not 100% confident in your ability it will be too much for you.

La Costa

This is a beautiful world class beachbreak with some of the clearest water in the Carribbean. It feels like your surfing in a fish bowl Perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers. The wave is located in the Ngobe Bugle Comarca. It is a special trip for world class surf and to experience the culture of one of Panamas indeginious populations.

Outer Dumps

Slab left hander breaking over volcanic rock. The approach for this wave is behind the peak. Take off really deep and you have a better chance of making the barrel. Intermediate and advanced ability.

Inner Dumps

Fast, rippable wave breaking over a sharp volcanic rock ledge. . Drop in, draw your line and start racing the wave. Goofy footers have an advantage here with a long drawn out barrel and a big air section on the inside. Advanced ability required.


This is a fun wave that offers 3 very different sections. The top section is fast, shallow and can be pretty hollow with the right tide. The middle section slows down a bit and its more maneuverable. The inside section is a hollow and fast barrel so once you get up you better start racing it!